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The Ontario Ministry of Education’s Curriculum and Resources website is a bilingual, fully accessible digital space provides parents, educators and the public access to curriculum and learning resources in a user- and mobile-friendly format. The website is growing steadily with more content and features over time.


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Il s'agit d'un site Web archivé, disponible jusqu'en juin 2022, et qui n'est plus soutenu par le ministère de l'éducation. Les ressources sont destinées uniquement à des fins historiques et peuvent ne pas être à jour ou ne pas correspondre aux politiques, pratiques ou recherches actuelles. Les éducateurs de la maternelle à la 12e année des écoles financées par les fonds publics de l'Ontario peuvent continuer à accéder à certaines ressources EduGAINS en se connectant à e-Community Ontario dans l'environnement d'apprentissage virtuel.

Le site Web du curriculum et des ressources du ministère de l'Éducation de l'Ontario est un espace numérique bilingue et entièrement accessible qui permet aux parents, aux éducateurs et au public d'avoir accès à des ressources sur le curriculum et l'apprentissage dans un format convivial et mobile. Le site Web s'enrichit régulièrement de plus de contenu et de fonctionnalités au fil du temps.

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Updates and News


New Release - Educational Resources

Pre-Publication version of the revised SSHG and CWS curriculum in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action #62 and #63.

This document was used at the regional implementation sessions and only includes the strands and courses that were revised. For ease in implementation all of the changes and additions are highlighted in grey.

"We Speak for the Land" - Summary Report

This document is a valuable resource in which Indigenous perspectives/voices are shared on Treaties in Ontario. It forms a large part of Ontario’s journey of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and is a good resource that teachers can use to teach about Indigenous peoples living in Ontario and Treaties.

Click on
< Elementary/Social Studies: History & Geography/Treaty Education Resources +> or < Secondary/Canadian & World Studies/Treaty Education Resources + >
in the left menu of the Curriculum site on EduGAINS.


Mathematics K-12  
What’s New on

Colour Tiles, Money, Notepad, Relational Rods and Set have all been updated to give access to the iOS 11 Files app.  This facilitates sharing of files between mathies apps and other cloud services such as Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. This is useful if you wish to transfer files between devices or share mathies files with others. See the support wiki for more details. In addition, it is now possible to use Import File and Import File from WWW to import images into the tool.


Mathematics K-12  
What’s New on

The Money Tool has been updated to include the latest annotation improvements included in the new Annotation Feature Tips SheetSave/load functionality has been incorporated. The cash slip pictured to the right can be imported from Settings using the www button. See the wiki for more details.

The Colour Tiles tool has been updated to include the latest annotation improvements:  rulers, number lines, hops, grids and polygons. All annotation objects can now be copied and rotated. Annotation is scaled as tiles are resized. Save your work to files on your device. Open files stored on your device or from the web, including several example files. (more details) A French version of this tool and the support wiki is now available.

The Set Tool has been updated to include five frames. Objects now snap into the number frames. Number frames, along with their contents, can be moved, copied and rotated. The latest annotation improvements: rulers, number lines, hops, grids and polygons are now included. Annotation is now scaled as objects are resized. Save/load functionality has been incorporated. A French version of this tool and the support wiki is now available.


Literacy K-12  

SCOPE: Collective Efficacy 5

This is the fifth in a series of research synopses that documents the impact of collective efficacy, and the strong link between teacher efficacy and student achievement. This research synopsis shows that collective efficacy had the strongest independent effect on achievement than any other variable in the study.

ALERT: Make Room for Supporting Understanding of Graphic Text

Although graphic texts, such as infographics, may at first appear relatively accessible, effective readers need support to understand the way visual and print language works to convey meaning. This new ALERT helps teachers support adolescent readers to derive meaning, both explicit and implicit, from the graphic texts they encounter.

Click on < Classroom Learning 7-12 / ALERT > in the left menu under Classroom Educator on Literacy K-12.


Release of the video series: Indigenous Education: Pedagogy to Practice

These video resources were created to support the implementation of the Social Studies, Grades 4 – 6 and History, Grades 7, 8 and 10 curriculum revisions that were undertaken in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action #62 and #63.

  Click on < Elementary/Social Studies: History & Geography/Resources + > or < Secondary/Canadian & World Studies/Resources + > in the left menu of the Curriculum site on EduGAINS.

Mathematics K-12  
Awareness of Math Facilitation
Check out our new math professional learning module: Awareness of Math Facilitation. Modules include presentation guide, PowerPoint, handouts and videos.

Click on < PL Modules > in the left menu on the Professional Learning Facilitators’ page of Mathematics K-12.


School Leaders and Assessment

School Leaders, want to learn more about Assessment?
Check out the recently refreshed section of the Assessment domain on EduGAINS.

Click on < About Assessment > in the left menu under School Leader

21st Century Learning  

Our 21st Century Learning site has been updated. Find a wealth of resources and information about the Innovation in Learning Fund (ILF) that will support innovation and educator practices for deeper learning including:

Innovation in Learning Fund Resource

Google Tour Map currently being populated with key innovations in districts across Ontario

Final Research Report & Synopsis : Chronicling the Impact of the 21st Century Innovation Research Initiative on Students, Teachers, and System – Local Innovation Research Projects in Ontario; Round 6, August 2017



Kindergarten educators

Check out our new self-directed learning tour on the EduGAINS Assessment site.

Take the tour, and tell us what you think! –

Come see what’s new!

New Content for School Leader and Professional Learning Facilitators.

Has it been a while since you visited the Assessment site on EduGAINS?

Improved navigation for Classroom Educators, and new content for School Leaders and Professional Learning Facilitators.

Come check us out today! – 

Click to view < Assessment on EduGAINS > home page.


New from Technology Enabled Learning Ontario

Find out more about the digital tools, resources and support for technology enabled learning and teaching, provided by the Ministry of Education.

Explore the TELO EduGAINS site to learn about: the virtual learning environment; elearning; blended learning: online resources; games and apps; grade and subject resources; professional learning resources; professional learning modules; support for technology enabled learning.

Click < here > to start exploring.


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