Setting Directions

School and system leaders set direction for financial literacy learning in a number of ways, including

  • working with stakeholders to identify specific school and system financial literacy goal(s)
  • ensuring financial literacy goals are clearly communicated
  • encouraging staff to evaluate their progress as they work toward the financial literacy goal(s)
  • referring frequently to financial literacy goals when making decisions about programs and directions


Principals Want to Know #23: A Sound Investment: Financial Literacy Education in Ontario Schools
A tip sheet for principals to support the implementation of Financial Literacy Education in their schools.
Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement
The video segments showcase the Board Improvement Planning process used by two districts in Ontario to determine student learning goals and the actions they would take to achieve these goals.
School Effectiveness Framework, K-12
The School Effectiveness Framework (K-12) is a self-assessment tool for schools to support educators in their ongoing pursuit of improved student achievement and well-being.
Principals Want to Know #8: Setting Goals
A tip sheet for principals that focuses on goal setting.
Ideas Into Action for School and System Leaders: Setting Goals: The Power of Purpose
This issue of Ideas Into Action explores the research evidence for the CLC “setting goals” as a critical component of educational leadership that can have a significant impact on student achievement, both directly and indirectly.


Download {Help
Elementary: Grade 4 Mathematics and Language
Video clip of a Principal showcasing : 21st century learning skills, developing curiosity, reflection about personal beliefs and values, decision-making, and problem solving.
Transcript PDF
Secondary: Grade 12 Guidance and Career Education
Video clip of a Principal showcasing all staff working together to support student learning
Transcript PDF

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