Improving the Instructional Program

School and system leaders work to improve the instructional program in a number of ways, including

  • providing support and time for collaboration focused on financial literacy learning
  • observing classroom instruction, including financial literacy, and providing constructive feedback to teachers
  • participating with staff in instructional improvement work related to financial literacy to those trends


Principals Want to Know #23: A Sound Investment: Financial Literacy Education in Ontario Schools
A tip sheet for principals to support the implementation of Financial Literacy Education in their schools.
School Effectiveness Framework, K-12
The School Effectiveness Framework (K-12) is a self-assessment tool for schools to support educators in their ongoing pursuit of improved student achievement and well-being.


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Elementary: Grades 5 and 6 Language and The Arts (visual arts)
Video clip of a Principal supporting teachers to implement financial literacy.
Transcript PDF
Secondary: Grade 9-12 Business Studies and School-wide Leadership
Video clip of a Vice Principal showcasing learning across the curriculum and opportunities in co-curricular activities.
Transcript PDF

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