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Prior to planning lessons, the teams allowed students to share what they knew and could do through a rich task (characterized by multiple solutions, solution strategies and having the potential to reveal student misconceptions). Teams often found that the class as a whole had enough knowledge from which to construct subsequent learning, and focused their planning on sequencing tasks that built on the strengths of the class. Rather than evaluate student thinking for correctness or errors, teachers looked for understanding and misconceptions. In other words, teams based their planning on student thinking from prior lessons. This, combined with the emphasis on student math talk, allowed the mathematics to come from the students rather than a textbook or a teacher.

Lesson "bundles" were generated based on the work of the teams to support other teachers in the implementation of punctuated fractions teaching. These lesson bundles (see Resources) focus on some of the new research-based learning of the teams, including the benefits to students when number lines are introduced and used throughout to represent, compare and order fractions.

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