Monitoring Professional Learning Actions

Professional Learning Facilitators monitor professional learning actions in a number of
ways, including:

  • use tools, data and evidence to assess the effectiveness of professional learning
  • encourage participant self-reflection and solicits feedback for future planning
  • are able to report on the effectiveness of professional learning opportunities (e.g., to school and system leaders) using a variety of evidence
  • self-assess their own practices to identify their own professional learning in the role


Collecting Data to Determine Impact of Professional Learning
How could both qualitative and quantitative data collected from educators help to inform professional learning and support further collaborative inquiries? Why is it important to be aware of teacher beliefs and perceptions (e.g., effectiveness of small group learning) when providing professional learning.
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Considerations for Growing and Sustaining Teacher Capacity
How do you meet the goals of providing flexibility to provide sufficient time for teacher-directed learning and the responsibility to share professional learning with colleagues? What considerations will help you in sustaining and growing teacher capacity?
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