Designing Professional Learning Opportunities

Professional Learning Facilitators design professional learning in a number of ways, including:

  • use a process for planning professional learning so that it is focused, targeted and effective by addressing the following questions:
    • Who is the participant? (audience)
    • What is the participant expected to know and/or do as a result of the professional learning? (goals)
    • How will participants learn? What opportunities will be provided to participants? (actions)
    • How will the effectiveness of the professional learning be measured? (evidence/monitoring)
  • draw on research that supports effective implementation of professional learning


Changes in Professional Learning
How has professional development shifted away from learning how to use technology to learning how to deepen pedagogical practices? How can technology solutions be used to leverage and support the new pedagogies?
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Differentiating Professional Learning
What does a blended learning classroom look like? How does the vision influence planning of the professional learning? Why is it important to consider and design for professional learning that provides many different options for educators to choose how they can collaborate and network?
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