Innovation in Action

Roundtable Hightlights (2016)

Leadership for Learning and Scaling Innovation

  Director's Highlights 2016 - Scaling Transformative Practices  

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Through Technology and Learning Fund inquiry projects, school boards across the province of Ontario are scaling 21st century learning and teaching practices that focus on the global competencies and deeper learning. Recognizing that leadership at every level contributes to the kind of culture that allows innovation to lourish, system leaders connect their work to Dr. Chris Dede’s 2016 Roundtable address and his work over several years as a critical friend and catalyst for deeper learing in Ontario.

Themes and IdeasThemes and ideas:


  • Leadership for Learning
  • Distributed leadership
  • System scaling
  • Building a culture of learning
  • Innovation

Viewer's ListAudience:
  • Educators
  • School and System Leaders

Discussion QuestionDiscussion questions:
  • The system leaders in the video address a variety of ways that scaling can happen in a school district (grassroots/bottom up, middle out, top down). Relect on the processes for scaling that are in place at your district. What works well and/or what might need improving?
  • Dr. Dede, and the system leaders in the video, mention the importance of modeling a culture of risk-taking and learning from successes and failures that can support change and innovation. What resonates with you about how you are modeling this mindset in your context? What are your next steps?
  • Support is an essential element of innovation, and also nurtures the distributed leadership that makes scaling more powerful. Share your successes and think also about the challenges you face in providing just the right amount of support. How are you overcoming those challenges?
  • As Dr. Dede mentions, scaling is about adopting effective practices, and then going further to adapt innovations to suit your context while still maintaining the power of the innovation. In thinking of your process for scaling, where have you been? Where are you now? Where are you headed?
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