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Huron – Perth CDSB (2014)

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This video highlights how the Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board is embracing a virtual learning environment (VLE) to meet the diverse needs of all students. The VLE is helping educators bring blended learning into their classroom, and support the development of higher order skills such as critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Themes and IdeasThemes and ideas:


  • Blended Learning
  • Small group instruction
  • Numeracy and technology
  • Assessment for, as and of learning

Viewer's ListThis video is for:
  • Classroom Educators
  • School Leaders
  • System Leaders

Video description:
This video offers a glimpse into elementary and secondary math classes that are using the VLE to allow for student ideas to fuel the content of their learning.

Discussion QuestionDiscussion questions:
  • What might you do to ensure that the emphasis is not on the technology, but rather, on how it supports effective pedagogy and assessment in your school/classroom?
  • How might the virtual learning environment (VLE) provide a platform for 21st century learning and teaching, that until recently, wasn’t possible?
  • How might classroom educators create more authentic opportunities for students to deepen their learning and share their thinking in mathematics?
  • As blended learning is being implemented across more classrooms, how are the roles of “learner” and “teacher” being transformed?
  • What are the impacts of this transformation on professional development? On assessment practices?
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