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Ottawa Carleton DSB (2015)

  Ottawa Carleton DSB (2015)   Click <here> for the Transcript
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Some schools are integrating technology like 3D printers as they innovate practices in learning and teaching to provide opportunities for students to develop digital fluency and deepen learning. This video shows how students can extend their learning within the school and then apply what they’ve learned to solve real world problems.

This video offers a glimpse into how an elementary science class made connections to learning that occurred in an extra-curricular “Makers’ Club” that allowed for student ideas to fuel the direction of their learning and in turn influence their classroom learning. It also highlights the importance of community support in helping students deepen and see the relevance of their learning.

Themes and IdeasThemes and ideas:


  • Maker spaces/ 3D printing to deepen learning
  • Student voice and choice
  • Community connections supporting learning

Viewer's ListThis video is for:
  • School leaders
  • Classroom educators
  • Technology coaches

Discussion QuestionDiscussion questions:
  • Although sound pedagogy does not necessarily require technology to be effective, the integration of technology can foster creativity. How could technology serve as “a portal for the imagination of teachers”1 in the design and/or reimagining of learning opportunities?
  • How can collaborative learning and problem solving in the classroom connect to students’ learning beyond the walls of the classroom? Why might students describe this as a “new way of looking at learning”?
  • How does a focus on innovative learning environments such as access to a “maker space” (e.g., Makers’ Club) foster innovation, creativity and collaboration? How might this influence learning opportunities in the classroom?
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  1Ron Canuel, President & CEO, Canadian Education Association, as the keynote speaker at the On the Rise
  K-12 Conference (April 23, 2015) said technology is “an important portal for the imagination of teachers”.

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