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Deep Learning Through Gamification

Keewatin-Patricia DSB (2015)

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This video provides a glimpse into a grade 9 science classroom in the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board in Red Lake, Ontario. It shows authentic learning tasks that promote financial literacy, environmental sustainability and global citizenship through gamification.

This video highlights how educators can use gamification in science to encourage deep learning and student ownership. Educator, Darrin Bausch provides an example of how he makes learning engaging and steeped in real-life problem-solving. His students employ decision-making skills as they proceed through the game to address environmental issues and questions of sustainability over time for different Canadian provinces.

Themes and IdeasThemes and ideas:


  • Gamification
  • Global citizenship
  • Deep learning*

Viewer's ListThis video is for:
  • Classroom educators

Discussion QuestionDiscussion questions:
  • How does gamification encourage deep learning?
  • What evidence do you see of deep learning? Explain.
  • How could you implement gamification in your classroom?
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*Deep learning can be succinctly defined as:
Methods that develops the learning, creating and ‘doing’ dispositions that young people need to thrive now and in their futures. Deep learning is more natural to the human condition because it more clearly connects with our core motivations: to directly and deeply engage in learning; and to do things that truly make a difference to our lives and to the world.

Fullan, M., & Langworthy, M. (2014). A rich seam: How new pedagogies find deep learning. London: Pearson.

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