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Cultivating a Learning Environment Highlights (2015)

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Educators assess student progress through observations, conversations and products to improve student learning. “Sharing learning goals and success criteria, providing feedback in relation to goals and developing students’ ability to self-assess are strategies to increase student’s engagement in and commitment to learning.”1 As technology provides greater ability for students to share and record their thinking and learning, it becomes especially powerful when it allows students engage in feedback and develop greater awareness of themselves as learners.

Educators discuss assessment for learning as they integrate more opportunities for students to benefit from technology-enabled learning. The shift in practice not only allows students to have more choice in how they consolidate their learning, but also greater advocacy to determine their next steps. The teacher’s role is to “create an environment in which all students feel valued and confident and have the courage to take risks and make mistakes.”2

Themes and IdeasThemes and ideas:


  • Effective use of technology
  • Assessment
  • Digital citizenship

Viewer's ListThis video is for:
  • Classroom Educators

Discussion QuestionDiscussion questions:
  • What evidence do you gather to help inform your next steps?
  • How are your students developing respectful, responsible communication and team skills - face to face, in online environments with peers, and beyond the classroom with others?
  • How are students being supported with feedback and guidelines (e.g., protocols) for effective communication?
  • What instructional and assessment strategies do you find are effective in supporting students’ consolidation of their learning?
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  1Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools, (2010), p.29
  2Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools, (2010), p.8

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