Innovation in Action

Building a Culture of Mentoring and Collaboration

Halton DSB

  Building a Culture of Mentoring and Collaboration  

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       Innovations in Mid-Level Leadership Collaborative Professionalism and Scaling Innovation

Viewer's Guide

Part 3: Culture of Mentoring

This video series captures how a school principal engages educators and system leaders in
transforming pedagogical practices to support technology-enhanced deeper learning.

Themes and IdeasKey ideas:


  • Responsive leadership
  • Pedagogy
  • Data informed decision–making
  • Differentiated professional learning
  • Mentoring
  • Risk–taking
  • Professional Collaboration
  • Culture of Learning

Discussion QuestionDiscussion questions:
  • The impetus for change in pedagogical practices in this school began with careful
    consideration of data to identify student and teacher learning needs. How was data used
    to inform decision-making? How is data being used to support innovation in teaching and
    learning in your context?
  • Educators and system leaders in this video speak about a ‘culture of learning’ within
    the school and system. What cultural norms need to be fostered in your district, to
    enable a collaborative approach to collaborative professional inquiry, supported by digital
    technology? What conditions are needed for such a culture to flourish? How might these
    conditions be created in your context?
  • How did the principal and system leaders in this video support innovation at the school
    level? What kinds of supports and practices are needed for this kind of innovation to
    be sustained and spread across a district? How does this connect to school and system
    leadership in your context?
  • Referring to the Innovation Journey Rubric, at what stage would you consider this district
    to be with regard to leadership and developing effective professional learning models?
    What do you imagine might be their next step?
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To learn more about how Ontario school districts are monitoring and measuring the impact of innovation in teaching and learning, Ontario educators are invited to visit the archived Virtual Learning Sessions in e-community.

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